STEMfinity Preferred Brands

Improving STEM literacy and accessibility for students from all walks of life has always been STEMfinity's main priority since its inception in 2011. Every day, STEMfinity assists educators to create customized STEM Solutions based on the individual or school's needs. In order to STREAMline the process of selecting products, STEMfinity has created a STEMfinity Preferred rating system that is designed to assist STEM educators and students as they make purchasing decisions. The STEMfinity Preferred rating is applied to the most innovative, safe, and effective STEM products on the planet.

STEMfinity Preferred Rates the Following Categories:

  • STEM Literacy - Does the STEM product build a strong foundation for STEM Literacy? STEM literacy is for everyone, not just those who will pursue STEM-related jobs. STEM education teaches skills that affect problem-solving and will not only benefit STEM industries but all areas of personal and civic life.
  • Safety - Is the STEM product safe to use and is the student's information protected? Most STEM activities have moving parts, chemicals, or small parts that could be swallowed. The products has to be suitable for the age/grade it is targeted to. Plus, cyber-security has to be safe, secure and ethical as students navigate a new technological landscape.
  • Inclusion in STEM - Does the STEM product increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM? Research shows that women and minorities are underserved and underexposed to STEM education. Improved access to STEM education will benefit our workplaces, our communities, and our World.
  • STEM Workforce Preparation - Does the STEM product prepare the student for the STEM Workforce? The future depends on meeting labor shortfalls in key areas such as computer science, data science, electrical engineering, and software development, as well as several skilled trade fields which benefit from STEM training. Developing the future workforce through STEM programs requires making their STEM education relevant by connecting the dots from the activity they are doing to the real World around them.
  • Innovation & Design - Does the STEM product encourage problem-solving? What is the quality of the product? Is it designed to last or is it one time use (Consumable or not)? Does the STEM product advance innovation and entrepreneurship education? There are limitless opportunities to practice STEM skills and learn about STEM concepts when engaging in free or structured play. STEM activities and lessons should be child led and help children learn how to use these skills in the real world.
  • Engaging & Effective - Does the STEM product align with education standards? What do the students learn? Are the activities hands-on, virtual, or hybrid? Does the STEM product provide cross-curricular lessons, blended learning, or are the activities set in silos of Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art or Math? Does the STEM product use common metrics to measure progress? STEM education must embrace the complexity and interconnectedness of the modern world by integrating technical learning, the arts, and the humanities. Plus,
  • Teamwork & Collaboration - Does the STEM product encourage students to work together in completing the lessons/activities?

STEM education is essential to the vitality and security of our growing planet. STEMfinity Preferred products ensure that all of our young people have equitable access to high-quality, evidence-based education tools that foster these skills. Join STEMfinity in its effort to provide today’s youth with hands-on tools that will STEMulate Your Mind!