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MindWorks Resources designs creative products for programs looking for engaging, student-centered enrichment for summer, after-school, and during the school day.

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MindWorks Benefits

Student Benefits:

  • No two days are alike; students will look forward to their after-school experience!
  • All learning styles are addressed as our auditory, visual, and kinesthetic instructions engage students in active learning.
  • Academic enrichment is achieved in Math, Science and Language Arts, all infused with STEAM, Social Studies, and Careers.
  • MindWorks' products include both hard and soft skills for student success in the classroom and future workplace readiness.

 Facilitator Benefits:

  • Lessons are easy to implement by facilitators of all experience levels.
  • Lesson preparation time is minimized which frees up valuable time for facilitators to build relationships with students.
  • Facilitator confidence is increased through a consistent and engaging lesson format.
  • Instant out-of-the-box activities are available at a moment’s notice.

 Site Director Benefits:

  • National standards are reinforced, resulting in improved academic performance.
  • Students’ progress is documented through pre- and post- assessments for each set of lessons.
  • Students enjoy learning and staff is comfortable and confident in facilitating lessons using the thoroughly researched, evidence-based, and well-structured program.
  • Staffing costs are reduced by eliminating the time staff uses to research and write academic enrichment.
  • Materials are cost-effective and perfectly aligned with lessons.
  • There is consistency across all sites that use the same academic enrichment.
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