About STEMfinity

For the past 12 years, our STEMfinity team has committed themselves to the pursuit of excellence for our customers, our educators, and our students.

We are a Boise, Idaho, based team of passionate people who search daily for the finest STEM products and services to STEMulate the immersive educational experience in our @school, our @homes and @afterschool learning communities.

As a company, we are focused on STEM educational resources that bring forth the best in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity with thousands of exciting STEM products and engaging educational content.

Today, we are proud to say that our One-Stop STEM Shop is known worldwide for ease, confidence and competitive pricing. We thank you for your interest in STEMfinity - we consider it an honor to serve you.

STEMfinity Vision

STEMfinity strives to be the worldwide leading provider for STEM education resources and services.

STEMfinity Mission

STEMfinity STREAMlines the accessibility of STEM resources for teachers and students through its STEMfinity Preferred rating and its web-based One-Stop-STEM-Shop that includes the latest, vetted STEM products & services.

STEMfinity Core Values

Mission Minded - Put STEMfinity First We keep our mission in mind at all times. Everything we do from strategic goals, professional development, and day-to-day tasks are aimed at furthering the mission of STEMfinity. Above all else, we are here to spread the STEM fever and STEMulate the world.

Heroic Service - Create Excellent Experiences

We strive to create magical moments for our customers. Every member of the team contributes to our customer experiences. We have the responsibility and authority to authentically help our customers, and in doing so, we create a loyal tribe of followers. We also strive to treat each other as we would treat our customers. Service means we are committed to the needs of those around us and are willing to take action in order to fulfill those needs.

Maniacally Determined - Get it Done

We approach our future with charged and unwavering dedication. We’re steadfast in our resolve to accomplish our goals. We have ungovernable excitement for our vision, our teammates, and our accomplishments. We are excellent in our work. Once we set our goals, we never lose focus.

Relentlessly Resourceful - Think Differently, Creatively

We are a team of creative problem solvers and critical thinkers. We don’t need big budgets to get things done. We utilize our networks, environments, and insights to innovate towards our goals. We see roadblocks as opportunities to learn, not excuses to give up. We’re constantly searching for new and better ways to deliver our mission.

Kind - Be Nice

We respect each other, our customers, and our community. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, but we don’t back down from that challenge. We believe in a world where businesses create good in the world. The golden rule rules us. We get involved. We love.

Personally Passionate - Strive for More

Ambition is a good thing. We embrace what we are passionate about and let it fuel us in our daily lives. We make sure there is underlying emotion and belief to fill our tanks when they are empty. We’re not afraid of failure because we are a team that doesn’t know how to lose.

Tenacious Teammates - Help Each Other

We trust everyone on the team wants the best outcome for the company. We are able to disagree on ideas without being disagreeable about it. Once a decision is made we band together and work in unison and harmony to accomplish our goals. Our bond is stronger than our insecurities. We know when to speak up, dissent, support, and shut up in order to support the company and each other. Our team is our biggest asset - we know it and live it.