STEM Partners

STEMfinity partners with a wide range of organizations, including schools, universities, businesses, government agencies, national organizations, and non-profits, to promote and advance accessible, hands-on STEM education. Our partnerships improve STEM education quality, increase student engagement, and promote STEM careers. We offer joint research, professional development, mentorship, internships, mobile STEM labs, and community outreach initiatives. By combining resources, our partnerships provide students with opportunities and prepare them for successful STEM careers. Additionally, our partnerships benefit businesses with access to talented and diverse potential employees. Overall, STEM partnerships are crucial for advancing STEM education and developing a strong STEM workforce.

  • STEMfinity works with over 55,000 schools around the World
  • STEMfinity is an approved vendor with thousands of school districts across the US
  • Over 10,000 libraries have worked with STEMfinity to implement a Makerspace
  • Millions of students have utilized STEMfinity's hands-on resources
  • STEMfinity collaborates with over 125+ STEM Brands including LEGO® Education, BYJU's, Ultimaker, Merge Edu and beyond
  • STEMfinity attends 30-50 National STEM Conferences every year

STEM Education Partnerships