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Boxlight's robust portfolio of brands offer education institutions, businesses, retailers, health organizations, and more a variety of innovative technology to meet the diverse needs of the world market. We, at STEMfinity, of course are focused on education, and through Boxlight we have been granted access to their Mimio line of products, that focus on top-of-the-line, integrated STEM solutions. We are excited to now offer these solutions to you, our customers.

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The Mimio Brands

Mimio has a variety of different STEM brands, including Robo 3D, Labdiscs, MyBot, and MySTEMKits. Currently we only have access to the Robo 3D, Labdiscs, and MySTEMKits product lines, but be sure to check back in, as we may be adding more in the future. Explore our Mimio collection below:

Robo 3D

Unleash Creativity. Experience high-quality, user-friendly 3D printers for home, education, and professional use. Bring ideas to life with precision and versatility. Robo 3D printers empower makers, designers, and educators to push boundaries and unlock endless possibilities in the world of 3D printing.

Explore Robo 3D Here


Redefining Science Education. Discover the all-in-one science labs that revolutionize hands-on learning. Labdiscs integrate multiple sensors and cutting-edge technology into a portable device, enabling students to explore scientific concepts in diverse subjects. From physics to biology, chemistry to environmental science, Labdiscs provide immersive and interactive experiments, fostering curiosity and critical thinking. Elevate science education with Labdiscs and empower the scientists of tomorrow.

Explore Labdiscs Here


Ignite STEM Learning. Unleash the power of hands-on education with MySTEMKits. Access a vast library of 3D-printable models, virtual simulations, and standards-aligned lesson plans. Engage students in STEM subjects through interactive experiences, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. From elementary to high school, MySTEMKits empowers educators to deliver impactful and immersive STEM education. Inspire the next generation of innovators with MySTEMKits.

Explore MySTEMKits Here
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