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Ozobot makes award-winning robots for the next generation of creators. Ozobots can be coded two ways: online with Ozobot Blockly and screen-free with Color Codes. The Ozobot mission is to give all children the opportunity to create with technology.

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How It Started

2012 - A Big Idea

Nader Hamda sets out to make small robots with a big mission. His 10-year-old daughter names the project Ozobot.

Jan 2014 - Two Ways to Code

After two years of testing and prototyping, Bit—the original Ozobot—is unveiled at CES in Las Vegas.

Aug 2014 - Bit by Bit

Ozobot files the patent for Color Codes, a screen-free way to code robots with markers and stickers before advancing to OzoBlockly.

2015 - Blushing Bot

Bit is named Best Robot Toy at the 2015 KAPi Awards and a finalist at the Toy of the Year Awards.

2016 - Always Evolving

Evo, an app-connected Ozobot enhanced with Bluetooth Smart, a built-in speaker, and some super cool sensors, is unveiled.

2017 - All Grown Up

Evo and Bit reach over 10,000 classrooms across the U.S. Meanwhile, Ozobot’s named one of Los Angeles Business Journal’s Best Places to Work.

2018 - Not-So-Humble Bot

Evo wants everyone to know…the smart, small, social robot was nominated for the 2018 Edison Awards!

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