An Invention Kit for Everyone!

Makey Makey, developed by Joylabz, is an invention kit designed to connect everyday objects to computer keys. Using a circuit board, alligator clips, and a USB cable, the toy uses closed loop electrical signals to send the computer either a keyboard stroke or mouse click signal. With Makey Makey you can turn anything into a controller!

HTML Video Generator

Craft & Code

Design your own controller with everyday materials like playdough or graphite pencils. Control your favorite Scratch game while you learn to code.

Supermarket Circuits

Is a banana conductive?
The world is full of conductive objects & materials. Make musical circuits with liquids, fruits, and low cost office supplies.

Build Your Own Sensors

Using foil, pennies, and paper clips, invent sensors just like scientists do.

Work Hard, Dream Bigger


Joylabz believes that everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative. They believe that everyone can create the future and change the world. So they have dedicated their lives to making easy-to-use invention kits.

Before Jay and Eric created Makey Makey they worked on other creative tools and invention kits such as Drawdio, Singing Fingers, and Mitch Resnick's Scratch

Jay Silver, PhD

CEO, Co-inventory Makey Makey Project

Eric Rosenbaum, PhD

Co-inventor Makey Makey Project

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