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They designs robots to make you think. To teach you things that will empower you, so you can tame the chaos, solve hard problems, and shape your own future. A future that we all share. Modular Robotics doesn't make the robots of the future, they design robots for your future. 

The Building Blocks of Better Thinkers

You can build all sorts of things with blocks. Our world is made of blocks. Wood and brick blocks form our homes. Inside, glass blocks filled with code blocks bend light into blocks of letters that shape our perspectives.

And now – robot blocks can help you build better thinkers.

The experiences we create for students shape them. Cubelets are designed to help students build cognitive skills. So they can solve the biggest problems and teach all the standards we need to cover.

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Meet Cubelets

Cubelets are robot blocks that help teach important problem-solving skills – like collaboration, engineering, design, and computational thinking.

You’ve never built with blocks like these. Cubelets are the only way to build a robot where you build with a bunch a of tiny robots. 

Combine the 17 unique kinds of Cubelets in different ways to create countless robot constructions. Every design is a new robot construction and it all starts when you combine the three basic categories of Cubelets.

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