Welcome to the Playful World of Strawbees!

Bring STEM to your home or classroom with Strawbee's simple straws and connectors. With just a bit of imagination, your students can become inventors, engineering, and artists using Strawbees.

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About Strawbees

Strawbees is an award-winning Swedish edtech company here to inspire the next generation of inventors! All kids speak Strawbees, it's the language of creativity. Therefore they say: ‘Let kids create the change our world needs!’ by coding, creative confidence, and hands-on rapid prototyping!

No matter your kids age or ability, Strawbee's flexible building kits help develop complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills on and offline, for fun at home or in the classroom. We are the kids first choice!

That's why they are currently present in over 20’000 schools and 100’000 homes in 40 countries worldwide. Strawbees is on a mission to empower teachers and parents to lead the young people from today into a future that will look radically different!

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Learning by Trying

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