Turn Your Gamers Into Makers

Channel your students' passion for gaming into career and college opportunities with Mastery Coding's project-based STEM curriculum.

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What Does Mastery Coding Do?

Cross-Disciplinary, Standards-Based Curricula

Using a research-based approach to instruction, Mastery Coding provides standards-based computer science, Esports, CTE, and STEM curricula that combines critical thinking, integrated academics, and project-based learning.

Game and App Development Courses

Teach students coding and computer science concepts by building their own video games using industry-standard tools.

Pathway Esports

Have students level up their gaming and teamwork skills while they explore esports adjacent career opportunities.

Featured Esports Games:

Mastery Coding’s Educational Philosophy

Mastery Coding believes that curriculum should culminate in students being self-sufficient and capable of designing and building a software application from scratch. The Mastery Coding teaching approach gradually releases responsibility from the course materials onto the student using project-based learning. Students are motivated to learn real skills and topics because they can create increasingly impressive projects using real industry tools and technologies. This way, the "how does this topic relate to me" barrier that often impedes learning in other STEM topics is gently removed.

How it Works: Partnering with Mastery Coding

A Step-By-Step Onboarding Process

How do you get our coding and esports courses up and running? Mastery Coding understands every school has its own needs, so they've built in the flexibility to meet you exactly where you are.

Step 1: Assess Readiness

Mastery Coding works with you to craft a plan based on your current technology and teacher readiness.

Step 2: Administrator & Tech Setup

The Mastery Coding team helps you through the entire setup process.

Step 3: Professional Development

The Mastery Coding training ensures you feel confident to deliver the curriculum with ease.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

Mastery Coding will be with you the whole way to help you work with their built-in LMS and guarantee both student and teacher success!

Step 5: Feedback & Evaluation

Mastery Coding is all ears to learn how we can better serve you and your school.

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Professional Development

Mastery Coding prepares teachers to succeed. Created by teachers for teachers, there is no prior computer science experience necessary for educators to be successful.

Support for Teachers

Mastery Coding places emphasis on making our courses easy to teach with resources, professional development, and help from specialists. With Mastery Coding, your teachers are in good hands.

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