Bring Computer Science to Life!

Teaching & learning computer science is made fun and easy with pi-top. pi-top offers everything you need to teach computer science & robotics - from beginning coding to advanced AI.

HTML Video Generator


Over 125 hours of standards-aligned curriculum and interdisciplinary courses - from beginner to adavnced.

Learning Platform

Intuitive digital content and classroom management platform, Further, designed for Computer Science instruction.


Classroom tough, modular, portable, programmable devices to bring Computer Science into the physical world.

The Idea

Sitting in the living-room of their modest London flat, pi-top Founders, Jesse Lozano & Ryan Dunwoody, began thinking about the growing number of computer-based jobs going unfulfilled worldwide. The solution? Make STEM-based curricula accessible to everyone! Thus, began their journey.

They started by turning to the cost-effective Raspberry Pi and home toaster-oven, a peculiar pairing, even for them. Using the oven to solder electronics components and 'blu tack' to piece parts together, they eventually succeeded in building the first Raspberry Pi-based laptop.

The Vision

Keeping with the desire to make STEAM learning engaging at all levels, the pi-top team has been working with educators from around the world, to better understand their needs and how they can help serve them.

Beginning at the K-12 student-level, all the way through to advanced computer science concepts, pi-top has developed courses, challenges and teaching material to assist learning, which can be paired with all pi-top products or in some instances, can be followed on their own.  

The pi-top Mission

To make learning computer science and STEAM curricula, easy, engaging, and accessible to individuals of all ages and all walks of life.

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