3D Printing in Higher Education

Empower students to become the STEM workforce of the future with a flexible, easy-to-use 3D printing system.

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Best-in-class Technology to Inspire Every Student

Adopt a 3D printing platform that empowers both students and educators to succeed

>Low maintenance, high uptime 3D printers

>Cloud software for remote printing and user management

>Click and print with over 240 materials

>Global access to expert support and learning

Create a high-capacity production lab for student projects of any type

General Access Labs

Use 3D printing in the curriculum to share ideas and develop hands-on skills

Teaching Labs

Equip students with advanced production capabilities for demanding end-of-semester projects

Application Labs

Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade Kit - STEMfinity
Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade Kit
Ultimaker Printer Adhesion Sheets - Pack of 20 - STEMfinity
Ultimaker Printer Adhesion Sheets - Pack of 20
Ultimaker Print Core BB - 0.4 - STEMfinity
Ultimaker Print Core BB
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    Ultimaker 2+ Connect - STEMfinity
    Ultimaker 2+ Connect
    Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle - STEMfinity
    Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle
    Ultimaker S3 - STEMfinity
    Ultimaker S3
    Ultimaker S5 - STEMfinity
    Ultimaker S5
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