Enjoy Creating and Have Fun!

Carrying the vision of inspiring kids to enjoy creating and have fun, Makeblock’s mission is to empower global kids to better prepare for the digital age and learn STEM through play, and they are here to provide the best series of happy-building and easy-coding products.

Makeblock and STEAM Education

Makeblock combines technology and education and lowers the overall threshold of creation by building a STEAM platform covering mechanics, electronics and software. Makeblock believes that in children’s basic education stage, the vastness of their knowledge is more important than the depth of their knowledge. At the same time, we should also focus more on the development of their abilities rather than the impartation of knowledge. Based on a combination of software and hardware, Makeblock helps children learn from practical usage of technical devices and thinking training so that they will fear no challenges in the future and grow up as individuals who have critical thinking skills and who are socially responsible.

How Makeblock Started

Words from Makerbot's CEO, Jasen

“Ever for an engineer father like myself, teaching STEM knowledge to kids is never an easy job. It’s just like explaining a differential equation. At the same time you see broken robot bricks on the floor while “code error” on the screen. The challenge is even greater to inspire our new generation to hold creativity in STEM education. I came to realize that it’s necessary to make ease of use products, and then Makeblock was born! “


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