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Pathfinders Sky Surfer - STEMfinity
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Pathfinders Sky Surfer

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Pathfinders Sky Surfer
  • Recommended Ages: 14+

Turn an aerodynamics class into a real scientifically testable activity!

The Pathfinders Sky Surfer launches airplanes in a consistent and repeatable way - perfect for classroom testing of student designs.

The launcher kit allows for kids of all ages to design, make, and scientifically test a wide range of designs.

Launch all kinds of planes - paper, balsa wood, cardboard, styrofoam, straw - or a combinations of all of those!

Explore the ways that material, wing design, launch angle and force, affect the flight of planes.

  • Easy to make in about 30 minutes, (some glue drying time needed)
  • Adjustable thruster will launch planes from 10 to over 50 feet - or more!
  • Comprehensive 20 page booklet with plane designs, ideas, some paper and card stock.
  • Instructions to make a wide range of unusual and quirky designs, with materials from the recycling bin.
  • Have an airplane challenge where planes can be tested with scientific accuracy, and eventual bragging rights.
  • Made with sturdy 5 mm plywood, pegged for extra strength!
  • Can be used both indoors and outside (wind will affect things outside though!)