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Minecraft: Game & Learn Camp Academic Year License


Minecraft: Game & Learn Camp Academic Year License

  • Grades: 3-8
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Number of Students: 1
  • Number of Modules: 3
  • Additional Documents: Flyer

NOTE: Please allow for 2-3 weeks of lead time between the time of purchase and the start of your class, club, or camp.



Join Mastery Coding for 3 days of Minecraft gameplay and workshops, where campers will create buildings, machines, and factories while learning about computer science logic, the engineering field, and how to create contraptions using Minecraft’s extensive engineering tools!




How it works

When you purchase the Minecraft: Game & Learn Camp Academic Year License from Mastery Coding, you get access to the following curriculum:

Computer Science Logic and Critical Thinking Skills

  • Understand loops and iterative functions.
  • Understand conditional logic like if/else statements.
  • Evolve your deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills through engaging gameplay.


Learn About Types of Engineers and Aspects of Their Careers

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers


How to Automate and Design Machines

  • Design and make traps, secret entrances, circuits and more!
  • Create machines.
  • Create and read project blueprints.

The above curriculum is delivered over a 3 day period where the student spends 3 hours each day learning the curriculum.


Virtual Camp Requirements
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Zoom Video Conferencing App
  • Reliable Internet Connection

Note: Supported devices include: Windows 10, iOS and Android.


Product Includes
  • 3 Days of training covering a variety of curriculum designed to help you learn computer science through multiple projects in Minecraft.