Cubelets Curiosity Set
Cubelets Curiosity Set
Cubelets Curiosity Set
Cubelets Curiosity Set
Cubelets Curiosity Set
Cubelets Curiosity Set
Cubelets Curiosity Set - STEMfinity

Cubelets Curiosity Set

Modular Robotics SKU: MOD-855165004598

Cubelets Curiosity Set

Modular Robotics SKU: MOD-855165004598
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Cubelets Curiosity Set
  • Grades: PreK+
  • Ages: 4+


Build, learn, and create more with the Cubelets Curiosity Set. Open a box of little robot blocks that will intrigue, fascinate, and inspire builders for hours on end. You’ve never seen building blocks like these. Cubelets make it easier than ever to explore robotics, coding, and other big ideas.


Award-winning play that inspires the mind.
The Curiosity Set is the winner of the Learning® Magazine 2020 Teachers’ Choice℠ Award for the Classroom.

Little robots, big lessons.
Foster vital thinking skills in the classroom or the living room. Fascinating and fun, Cubelets nurture your child’s imagination, creativity, and inventive spirit. Cubelets are the building blocks of better thinkers.

Loved by educators from Vermont to Vietnam.
Cubelets are a great introduction to computational thinking. Computational thinking is a fancy term for the way computer scientists solve problems. It helps break down complex problems, and find repeatable solutions. Computational Thinking is just one of the many skills that educators love to teach with Cubelets.

Ages 4+

  • Robotics basics.
  • Cause and effect.
  • Gross motor skills.
  • Speaking and questioning.
  • Sorting.
  • Sequencing.

Ages 7+

  • Computational Thinking.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Design and engineering basics.
  • Networking basics.
  • Collaboration skills.
  • Pattern recognition.

Ages 10+

  • Computer science basics.
  • Coding smarter.
  • Parallel programming.
  • Systems thinking.
  • Complexity basics.
  • Design thinking.
  • Networks.
  • Abstraction.

Just like building blocks only smarter.
Cubelets make the principles of programming easy to learn and practice. Inside of each block is a part of a program – as you build your robot you build the code that controls its behavior. It’s hands-on coding!

Build loads of simple robot constructions with the Cubelets Curiosity Set. 

Each Cubelet has a special function and belongs to one of three categories: SENSE Cubelets take in information from the robot’s environment. THINK Cubelets compute and change that information, and ACT Cubelets turn that information into physical action.

Connect at least one SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelet to create a robot construction.

Connect to construct.
Cubelets’ magnetic faces make them simple to snap together and pull apart. Each Cubelet has a special function. What you connect, and how you connect them changes the behavior of your robot constructions. Every combination is a new creation.

Pair blocks with bricks.
The yellow Brick Adapters connect to LEGO® and other brick building- block toys. Discovery Set includes one “studs” and one “sockets” adapter so you can build in any direction.

Pair blocks with apps.
The Bluetooth® Hat pairs robot constructions with free Cubelets apps. The simple, proximity-based pairing makes connecting easy. Cap your creations with the Bluetooth® Hat to add new abilities, read robot data values, and code new behaviors in Blockly or C.
Data Logger.
Learn how Cubelets “talk” by visualizing block values or save the data for analysis.
Personality Swap.
Discover how swapping a Cubelet’s Personality changes the way it behaves.
Blockly Coding.
Build new Cubelet behaviors with drag-and-drop programming.
C Coding.
Build new Cubelets programs with text-based coding.


Battery Cubelet (x1) - Provide the energy needed to power robot constructions.
Brightness Cubelet (x1) - Enable a construction to detect and respond to light.
Drive Cubelet (x2) - Build robot constructions that navigate their world.
Distance Cubelet (x2) - Enable a construction to detect and respond to nearby objects.
Flashlight Cubelet (x1) - Create constructions that shine a dimmable LED light.
Inverse Cubelet (x1) - Flip data values, making low values high and vice versa.
Passive Cubelet (x1) - Build bigger robots, without modifying data values.
Rotate Cubelet (x1) - Create constructions that whirl and twirl.
Bluetooth Hat (x1) - Pair robot constructions with free companion apps like Cubelets Console or the Cubelets mobile app.
Brick Adapters (x1) - Add style and expand building capabilities with LEGO® or other brick building toys. Includes one "stud" and one "socket" adapter.
Curiosity Guide (x1) - A helpful printed Curiosity Guide and downloadable Parents’ Play Guide.
Micro-USB Charging Cable (x1) - Recharge your Battery Cubelet to power your robot constructions for hours on end.

Recommended ages.
Cubelets are recommended for builders ages 4 and up. Cubelets are intuitive enough for preschoolers to start building robots, but they scale in complexity, teaching new skills as kids grow. Cubelets are even loved and used in university computer science programs!

Battery information.
The key to every Cubelets construction is the Battery Cubelet. A fully charged Battery Cubelet can power up to 6 hours of playtime. Recharge the Battery using the included Micro-USB cable. When fully charged, the amber light on the Battery Cubelet will turn off.

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