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PlayShifu Classroom Pack

PlayShifu SKU: SHF-shifu_classroom

PlayShifu Classroom Pack

PlayShifu SKU: SHF-shifu_classroom
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Shifu Classroom Pack

  • Grades:‚ PreK-5
  • Number of Students: 30

NOTE: This item is not available for customers residing in the state of New York through STEMfinity.

A pack of Shifu products perfect for a full classroom. Ideal for up to 30 students each pack includes: 6x Shifu Orboot (Earth) VR Globe 6x Shifu Plugo Link AR Gaming Kit 6x Shifu Plugo Count AR Gaming Kit 6x Shifu Plugo Tunes AR Gaming Kit 6x Shifu Plugo Letters AR Gaming Kit. Common Core-aligned lesson plans and curriculum for Shifu Orboot and Shifu Plugo Count included.

Orboot Earth

This interactive AR globe is your kid magical gateway to travel the world!

Learn From Six Categories:

  • Animals
  • Cultures
  • Cuisines
  • Inventions
  • Maps
  • Monuments

Plugo Count

  • Traditional math made fun with an innovative hands-on approach. Plugo Count reinvents math with engaging stories that help kids understand and fall in love with numbers.
  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • Age-adaptive challenges, PreK to Grade 5
  • Skills: math (+ - x /), problem-solving, logical reasoning

Plugo Link

  • Classic building blocks meet modern digital play with Plugo Link! Build and balace the magnetic blocks in real world to solve exciting engineering puzzles on the screen.
  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • Age-adaptive challenges, PreK to Grade 5
  • Skills: engineering, analytical thinking, creative design

Plugo Letters

  • An alphabet kit that goes beyond word-building. Develop grammar concepts like verbs, vowels, synonyms & more. Learn to spell & use new words through story-based games.
  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • Age-adaptive challenges, PreK to Grade 5
  • Skills: language development, comprehension, storytelling

Plugo Tunes

Get familiar with music notes, learn to play popular songs, and compose music. Practice with Plugo Tunes and transition to a real-world keyboard smoothly.

  • Innovative waterfall technique
  • Notes, octaves, chords, sequences
  • 50+ popular songs to play & learn
  • Skills: musical intelligence, creativity, persistence

Common Core: Plugo and Orboot are aligned with the Common Core standards, making it easier to integrate into your curriculum.

Grades PreK-5: Shifu's apps have adaptive content based on grade. Teach math, geography, arts, social & environmental studies, and more.

Lesson Plans: Plugo and Orboot come with specially designed lesson plans to make classrooms more fun for educators and students!

Is Plugo/Orboot compatible with my device?

  • Make sure to check you have one of the following devices.
  • iOS Devices
  • iPad 3rd gen & above
  • iPad Mini 2 & above
  • iPad Air all models
  • iPad Pro all models (except Pro 12)
  • iPhone 6 & above
  • Samsung Devices (2015 and newer, 2GB RAM and above).
  • Amazon Fire Devices
  • Fire 7 - 9th gen, 2019 release
  • Fire 8 - 8th gen, 2018 release


  • Do I need Bluetooth or batteries to operate Plugo/Orboot? No, you don¢‚¬t need batteries, Bluetooth, or any other extra electronics or hardware to use Plugo.
  • Does Plugo/Orboot offer games in my language? Plugo and Orboot are available in English, Japanese, French and German.
  • How does Plugo work? Plugo comes with a foldable gamepad with skill-based playkits and a slot to hold your device. All you need to do is place the device in the gamepad slot. Every action you perform using the kits is reflected on your device.
  • How does Orboot work? All you need is a smart device and the Orboot globe. Use your device to scan icons on the AR-powered globe, pick a category to explore, and learn away!
  • Can I buy a Plugo kit without the gamepad? Yes, of course!
  • Do I need WiFi/internet to use Plugo/Orboot? Yes, to set up the app! Once the Plugo or Orboot app is set up on your device, you can play the games offline, without the internet. However, you will need to connect to the internet from time-to-time to update your app and have access to all new games and levels.
  • Is Plugo common-core aligned? Yes, Plugo Count is common-core aligned.

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