EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head
EZ-InMoov Robot Head

EZ-InMoov Robot Head

EZ-Robot SKU: EZR-KI-0555

EZ-InMoov Robot Head

EZ-Robot SKU: EZR-KI-0555
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EZ-InMoov Robot Head

This item is temporarily on backorder and estimated to be available in late June or early July 2024. Please check back for updates.



Sample Project File Downloads:

The EZ-InMoov Robot Head requires ARC software, and some advanced A.I. functions may require an ARC Pro subscription.

Download ARC Software

Once downloaded, these files should be complied in the folder: Documents/ARC/My Projects.

Download Basic Project

Download Advanced Project


Have a conversation with Artificial Intelligence!

The EZ-InMoov Humanoid Head is a groundbreaking and highly accessible DIY educational robot head designed to bring university-level AI research and human-robot interaction to a wider audience.

Building on the shoulders of giants, we have remixed the renowned inMoov Head design by Gael Langevin to seamlessly integrate with EZ-Robot products, making it the perfect choice for researchers, educators, and robotics enthusiasts alike.

The EZ-InMoov Robot Head Kit contains all the hardware and instructions needed to build an A.I. enabled InMoov Robot Head. 

PLEASE NOTE: Plastic components are not included and need to be printed by the user. The 3D print files can be downloaded free of charge here.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: The kit design allows the EZ-InMoov Robot Head to easily attach to an InMoov body.
  • Complete Component Package: The kit comes with all the necessary hardware and electronics to build a complete head, eliminating the need to source all the components individually.  Simply download and 3D print the plastic components and build your robot head.
  • Simplified Design: EZ-Robot reengineered the head with fewer parts, it includes a unified internal bracket, fused glasses, and a simplified eye assembly featuring a camera inside one eye for enhanced computer vision capabilities.
  • The Power is in Your Hands: All the electronics and battery fit within the skull, allowing you to hold a self-contained, fully functioning robot head in the palm of your hands!  There’s also a 3D-printable mount, so you can work on your robot head on a table or desk.
  • Enhanced Movement: Experience greater up/down eyeball movement range and a standard-sized servo for head side-to-side movement, saving space and cost.
  • Immersive Audio: A ported voice box and small speaker produce vibrant sound without the need for a large form-factor speaker. 
  • Customizable: Modify the open-source 3D (STL) files to create your own unique features and upgrades.  Add a NeoPixel Blaster or simple LEDs to light up your head and choose your own 3D filament colors to give the head your own unique style.
  • IoTiny Integration: The IoTiny wireless Robot Controller connects the head to a mobile device or computer, allowing remote control, autonomous features, and networkability with other EZ-Robot controllers.
  • Versatile Power Options: Power the head with the included LiPo battery for portability or a 5-7.5VDC wall power adapter (not included) for continuous use without recharging.
  • Comprehensive Software Suite: The EZ-InMoov Robot Head is powered by Synthiam ARC, allowing users of all skill levels to experiment with a broad range of A.I. including Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and Open AI’s Chatbot (subscriptions may be required).
  • Multiple Programming Languages: Move beyond the free sample projects and program your robot head to perform complex human-robot interactions using JavaScript, Python, or Blockly.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Control the head with ease using the ARC mobile app.
  • Advanced AI Capabilities: The EZ-InMoov Robot Head supports vision tracking, text-to-speech, and speech recognition.   Enjoy AI chatbot responses, including ChatGPT, for dynamic interactions (subscriptions may be required).
  • Emotional Intelligence: Conduct cutting-edge research on human emotion detection with Microsoft cognitive face and emotion services.

The EZ-InMoov Robot Head is a game-changer in the DIY/educational robot market, opening up new possibilities for research and exploration while simplifying the building and programming process. With its combination of cutting-edge features and robust software integration, the EZ-InMoov Robot Head can help you achieve excellence in the world of robotics and AI.


Curriculum and Lesson Topics:

Robotics Education at Home and in the Classroom

EZ-Robot is the world's most powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use platform for robotics education. 

With more than 100 free tutorials, activities and lessons, your exploration into robotics has never been easier.  Personalize your EZ-Robot with new behaviors - teach it how to walk, talk, see, hear and interact with it's surroundings using advanced Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT and Microsoft's Cognitive Services.  Combine it with a wide range of sensors and output devices to solve problems using science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Learn about robots and have fun doing it!


Software That's Easy to Use

If hardware is the heart of your EZ-Robot, then software is the soul.  ARC is an easy-to-use, versatile and powerful robotics software platform that scales with users as their programming skills grow.  

Users can begin learning coding with “Drag and Drop” languages like RoboScratch and Blockly.  As their confidence and expertise improve, they can transition to text-based coding languages like Python, JavaScript, and EZ-Script (a C# derivative).

Easily add advanced robotics functionality such as camera tracking, speech recognition, Wii controllers, sensors, Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft's Cognitive Services) and more!


Teach Your Robot Animations

The Auto Positioner in ARC is used to animate EZ-Robot movements.  It's like magic!  Simply move your robot into positions to create an animation routine.  Play back actions based on triggers, such as when the robot sees your face or responds to a voice command.  It's easier than ever to teach your robot how to move, dance, climb stairs and more!

Mobile Control

Take the fun with you wherever you go!  Use an Android or iOS mobile device to control and program robot movements and functions.


EZ-Robots are Visual Learners

A robot wouldn't be a robot without a camera to interact with its environment.  Each EZ-Robot comes with a camera installed in the head, for advanced vision learning, detection and tracking.  Your EZ-Robot can be programmed to recognize colors, objects, faces, motion, glyphs, and more.

Live Streaming Video

Get some perspective!  Now you can see what your robot sees with live real-time streaming video.  View the video on your mobile device or PC... or take it to the next level and add Google Cardboard or VR glasses for an immersive experience that allows you to control your robot using head movements.


Streaming Audio - Music, Voices, or Sound FX

Robots need a voice!  The EZ-B has a built-in speaker to stream audio in real-time from the PC or Mobile Device.  Play music, sound effects or even text-to-speech through your robot or IoT project.


3D Printable Open Source Parts

The 3D printable STL files for all EZ-Bits and robot parts are available in the ARC Software.  Customize and 3D print your own robot parts and designs... and then share them with other EZ-Robot users from around the world!


What's Included:

  • 1 x IoTiny Smart Robot Controller with Speaker​
  • 1 x EZ-B Camera
  • 2 x Heavy Duty Servos (Digital)
  • 2 x Micro HDD Servos
  • 1 x LiPo Robot Battery
  • 1 x LiPo USB Battery Charger​
  • 1 x Alternate Power Adaptor Connector w/ Micro Deans
  • 1 x Wiring Harness
  • 1 x USB Wifi Dongle
  • 1 x Hex Driver (tool needed for assembly)
  • All Necessary Hardware

Technical Specifications:

Assembled Head Weight

Overall Dimensions
30cm (11.8") tall
21cm (8.3") long
16cm (6.3") wide

Head Dimensions
55.9cm (22") circumference measurement from forehead to nape
29.2cm (11.5") ear to ear
27.9cm (11") hairline to nape

Shipping Dimensions
Width: 19.0 cm
Length: 28.0 cm
Height: 8.5 cm

Additional Technical Specs
Battery Output: 7.4V 1300mAh
Charger Input: 5V 2A
Charger Output: 7.4V 1000mA
Charge time with USB charger + 5V 2A power supply: ~2.5hrs

Ports: 8 x digital I/O, 2 x ADC, 1 x I2C, 1 x Camera
Ports used: 4 x digital I/O, 1 x Camera

Left/Right for the head
Pan/tilt for the eyes
Open/Close for the jaw

HDD Servo torque: 19 kg*cm @7.4V
Micro servo torque: 7 kg*cm @7.4V

EZ-InMoov Robot Head FAQ

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