Let's Move in School Skillastics

Skillastics SKU: SKL-GFF10
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Let's Move in School Skillastics

Skillastics SKU: SKL-GFF10
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Let's Move in School‚ Skillastics

Designed Exclusively to Promote a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

Let Move in School Skillastics‚® is the FIRST and ONLY resource that was officially licensed to support the Society of Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) Let Move in School Initiative in 2011. ‚ It was designed to assist schools in improving the health and academic performance by integrating physical activity into all aspects of the school day.

The purpose of the Let Move in School Initiative was to ensure that every school provide a comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP) with quality physical education as the foundation so that youth will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to being physically active for a lifetime.

Let's Move in School Skillastics:‚ 


  • targets grades 2-8.
  • can be integrated into the five facets of the Let's Move in School Initiative; Physical Education, physical activity during the school day, physical activity before and after school, staff involvement and family and community involvement.
  • is based upon the patented Skillastics technique that allows small or large groups of children of all ages and physical abilities to be physically active. The 26 activities include activities based on running, jumping and throwing.‚ 
  • aligns with State and National Physical Education Standards.
  • aligns with Healthy Eating Physical Activity After School (HEPA) Guidelines.
  • aligns with the Common Core Standards.
  • can be integrated with the Lower and Upper Skillastics Nutritional Cards.
  • research shows children average 142 bpm (fat-burning zone), while playing Skillastics.
  • three progressive levels of repetitions.
  • children are MVPA over 70% of the time.





  • 1, 5 x 7 vinyl activity mat
  • 6, 20 x 27 vinyl miniature mats
  • 6, multi-colored die
  • 6, multi-colored beanbag markers
  • 26, laminated task cards
  • Detailed Instructional Manual
  • Animation Instructional DVD
  • 6, Square Beanbags
  • Ideas on how to implement Skillastics into the five facets of the Let's Move in School Initiative
  • CSPAP Tips and Ideas
  • Fitness Calendar
  • Assessment Exercises
  • Convenient Nylon Backpack Storage Bag

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