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Oceanic Exploration Camp - STEMfinity
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Oceanic Exploration Camp


Oceanic Exploration Camp


Oceanic Exploration Camp takes students on a journey from the tropics to the poles, from the great river deltas to the Mariana Trench. Build an arctic food web. Simulate adaptation in coral reefs. Bring the California sea otter back from the brink of extinction. Track great white sharks across the open ocean.

Why is there so much variety? What makes one ocean ecosystem different from another? Hands-on activities help students to discover the physical and geological systems that underpin all ocean life: density, buoyancy, heat transfer, plate tectonics, and the water cycle. Think it can't be done in 12 days? Just try it. We dare you.

The Oceanic Exploration Camp includes all of the curriculum and materials needed for summer camps, after-school environments, and classroom enrichment time.

Lesson Titles:
    1. Ocean Geography
    2. The Water Cycle
    3. Deltas and Density
    4. Buoyancy and Adaptation
    5. Surface Temperature and Plankton
    6. The Arctic and the Food Chain
    7. Coral Reefs and Adaptation
    8. Underwater Volcanoes
    9. Deep Sea Trenches
    10. The Kelp Forest, Overfishing and Extinction
    11. The Kelp Forest, Science Research and Saving the Sea Otter
    12. Tracking the Great White Shark

    Each Activity Guide Includes:
    • Aligned STEM Topics, National Standards, 21st Century Skills and Habits of Mind
    • Materials List
    • Schedule of Activities
    • Topic Background Information & Vocabulary
    • Step-By-Step Activity Instructions
    • Opening & Closing Discussion Questions
    • Extension Activities

    • Curriculum and materials for 12 sessions. Sessions each include 1 hour of activities and can be combined as needed to accommodate a variety of time blocks.
    • Spiral Bound Instructor manual
    • All printed materials to be used by students (no copying necessary!)
    • Tools for documenting observations and data
    • Materials for modeling the water cycle, the sea floor, food chains, volcanoes, tectonic plates and more
    • Collaboration and discussion tips
    • Lesson extensions for differentiation


    Materials Included:

    Item Quantity
    Rubbermaid tub, 10 gal 1
    100 mL plastic graduated cylinder 6
    3x5 Index Card‚  100
    Baking soda (8 oz) 1
    Clay (1 lb) 7
    Colored pencils (pack of 12) 6
    Dice 30
    Dry erase markers 36
    Dry erase pockets
    Electric kettle 1
    Food coloring (pack of 4) 1
    Inflatable beach ball globe 1
    Pencil sharpeners 6
    Plastic bins (6 qt) 6
    Plastic pipettes 32
    Salt (1 lb) 1
    Feather 1
    Sponge 1
    Masking tape (60 yds) 1
    Vinegar (1 qt) 1
    Oceanic Exploration Instructor Manual‚  1
    Complete printed set of all student handouts 1

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