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Computer Science Essentials License

Mastery Coding SKU: MCD-EXPLORE-12M

Computer Science Essentials License

Mastery Coding SKU: MCD-EXPLORE-12M
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Computer Science Essentials License

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Computer Science Essentials blends unplugged learning with block-based programming, computational thinking, and core digital citizenship principles so students can learn the essential introductory computer science knowledge they need to be successful and safe in today’s changing world. This course is aligned to ISTE standards, utilizes a 5E lesson plan design, and builds skills students need in order to be successful in higher-level coding courses.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Computer Science Essentials:

  • Cyber Safety
  • Digital Citizenship
  • How computers work from a programming perspective. 


How it works

Utilizing a 5E lesson plan design that aligns the academic objectives to ISTE standards, all of the materials are “turn-key” so that they require no previous instructional experience from the teacher in the realm of coding, programming or computer science in order to be effectively taught.

The Lesson Plan includes the following educational units:

  • The Essentials of Coding: Students discover how they can use code to communicate with their computers.
  • Digital Citizenship: Students learn to be kind and respectful online.
  • Hardware & Software: Students learn about the components that make up a computer and how software interacts with those components to make it perform operations. 
  • Core Logic: Students learn the basics of how computers interpret data.
  • Cyber Safety: Students discover how to use the internet safely.
  • Career Exploration: Students explore the history, use and opportunities of programming.


Product Includes
  • 21 standalone lessons that can be taught to students at any pace.
  • Teach oriented lesson plan to supplement the student lessons plans.
  • Slideshow presentations that can be used during lessons.
  • Worksheets for students to reinforce their newfound knowledge of programming. 


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