BrickLAB Core Set: 1st Grade - STEMfinity

BrickLAB Core Set: 1st Grade

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-BLB-481

BrickLAB Core Set: 1st Grade

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-BLB-481
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BrickLAB Core Set: 1st Grade


Bring bricks to your classroom to engage students with exciting Project-Based Learning activities that make learning fun! BrickLAB Core was developed specifically for grades 1-6 and is aligned with variety of national standards to help strengthen Common Core skills like science, math, social studies and literacy. Based on the Madeline Hunter Lesson Model, BrickLAB Core reinforces knowledge by teaching concepts repetitively in new ways to develop increased neural pathways in each learner's brain, therefore solidifying new concepts.

With over 6,500 bricks, and a printed curriculum book for the instructor The BrickLAB Core set is a rich resource that brings the Common Core to life in your classroom and enables you to teach up to 30 students simultaneously. Improve student„¢s retention, engagement and test scores by incorporating bricks into the learning process. By using bricks to encourage hands-on thinking and creativity, students pursue a variety of exciting and diverse topics from habitats, spatial relationships, map building, storytelling and more. 


  • Supports 30 Students
  • 6,545 Building Bricks: 6 different sizes and 8 different colors
  • 45 Base Plates
  • Two 10 gallon sterilite tubs
  • Curriculum Notebook complete with 12 Madeline Hunter style lesson plans: 3 in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy.
  • Aligned to National and Common Core Standards
  • Non-consumable and durable


‚ Grade 1

‚ Literacy

‚ Math

‚ Science

‚ Social Studies


‚ Snowman Rhyme Time

‚ Measuring Sticks

‚ Habitat

‚ Building a Community


‚ Bricktionary

‚ Estimation

‚ Light and Shadow

‚ Family


‚ Cupcake ‚ 

‚ Spatial Relationships

‚ Seasons

‚ Maps


Note: Due to production time, this item typically ships 2-3 weeks after receipt of the order. During peak season, April-June, lead time is around 6 weeks. Please plan and order accordingly. 


BrickLAB Video

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