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Wonder Workshop Launcher

Wonder Workshop SKU: WWS-1-BF01-01

Wonder Workshop Launcher

Wonder Workshop SKU: WWS-1-BF01-01
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Wonder Workshop Launcher


This fun accessory transforms your Dash‚ Robot into a projectile-launching machine. Because it's powered by Dash, kids can learn how simple machines like a lever works in a fun way. Comes with 3 projectiles and 6 stacking targets that can attach to LEGO‚®-compatible bricks to build intricate targets.

*Dash and Dash & Dot Pack sold separately.

Launcher Set-up for Dash:

Step 1

The Launcher (blue) snaps on to the orange Connector. Line up the rings of the Launcher to the connection points on Connector, and snap into place.

Step 2

With the Launcher now affixed, press the Connector firmly on to the connection points on the sides of one of Dash wheels. Press ‚ firmly until you hear a click. ‚ Now slide the small black Ball Holder to the Launcher, with the slender end affixed to the top of the Connector.

Step 3

Now click the remaining orange Connector to Dash head, so that the curved piece is in the back. Line up the rings to the buttons on either side of the head and snap into place.

Step 4

Add one of the three colored balls to each of the ball compartments of the Launcher. The Launcher is now ready to use with the Blockly or Wonder apps. Use the apps to vary the power on the Launcher and try to aim for targets. Ready¢‚¬¦ Aim¢‚¬¦ Launch!

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