Ultimaker Filament - PLA Black, 750g - STEMfinity

Ultimaker Filament - PLA Black, 750g

Ultimaker SKU: ULT-1609

Ultimaker Filament - PLA Black, 750g

Ultimaker SKU: ULT-1609
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Ultimaker Filament - PLA Black, 750g

Ultimaker PLA

Ultimaker PLA (polylactic acid) filament provides a no-hassle 3D printing experience thanks to its reliability and good surface quality. Our PLA is made from organic and renewable sources. It safe, easy to print with and it serves a wide range of applications for both novice and advanced users.

Reasons To Choose Ultimaker PLA

PLA is the preferred choice for primary and secondary schools because it safe and easy to print with.


  • Good tensile strength
  • Good surface quality
  • Easy to work with at high print speeds
  • User-friendly for both home and office environments
  • Allows the creation of high-resolution parts
  • Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic detail
  • Great for lost casting methods to create metal parts
  • A wide range of color options available
  • Prints in dual extrusion with PVA on Ultimaker 3

Precise Model Visualization

In the medical industry, doctors are utilizing 3D printed models made from PLA to help patients better understand and visualize their condition.

Detailed Concept Models

PLA helps architects quickly build affordable, high-resolution prototypes with sharp surface details for client presentations.

Great Curves and Overhangs

Prints containing intricate curves, overhangs, and geometric features, can be easily printed with PLA.

Ultimaker PLA: Fast, Safe, and Reliable 3D Printing

Ultimaker PLA is a versatile choice for creating consistently smooth and detailed prints. Coupled with Cura extensively tested material profile settings for Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3, PLA combines detailed surface quality with reliable performance.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip
There is a chip on the filament holder and a reader on the spool holder of the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended printers that identifies which material is being put on. Cura, the slicing software, adjusts the settings automatically to the best settings for this material (this also differentiates every color of filament).

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