Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack
Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack

Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack

TeacherGeek SKU: TCG-1824-65

Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack

TeacherGeek SKU: TCG-1824-65
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Toy Design Workshop - 10 Pack



Create your own unique pull-toy with animated parts - they move as they roll! Watch as tails wag, heads bob, hands wave or wrestlers 'wrassle'. Follow the engineering design process to brainstorm, construct, iterate and redesign innovative toys. Students will really build their toys, utilizing simple machines, linkages, kinetic and potential energy and mechanical advantage in their plans.

An excellent introduction to marketing and entrepreneurship, as students can develop brand identities, logos and sale pitches for their own product lines.
A truly comprehensive and amazing STEAM activity!


Suggested Add-ons:

The following tools are recommended by TeacherGeek and some are required to assemble the Judo Bot:

 NOTE: See Build Guide for more details on required tools.


Curriculum/Lesson Topics:

Toy Design Workshop Educational Goals

  • Utilize the design and engineering process 
  • Encourage creativity, problem solving and critical thinking
  • Learn about simple machines, forces, linkages, mechanical advantage
  • Integrate with marketing, entrepreneurship and industrial design
  • Innovate kinetic sculptures and toys


Optional Lab

Apply many linkages to your design and see how they affect the force & motion of your push/ pull toy design.


Engineering Challenge

You have been hired by Geek Baby Toy Company to design a new push/pull toy. Download the challenge below to get started!


STEAM Market-It Challenge

Add the STEAM Market-It Challenge to any completed TeacherGeek activity to teach students how to turn their TeacherGeek design into a retail product. Students will learn the 4 'Ps' of marketing - Product, Placement, Price and Promotion. Students have the option of completing a commercial, a billboard or retail packaging as a summative assessment.


Standard Alignments: 

Next Generation Science Standards:

International Technology & Engineering Educators' Association Standards:


What's Included: 


  • (40) Connector Strips
  • (2) Hole Plates
  • (40) Wheels
  • (10) Slide Stop, 75mm
  • (40) Hex Nuts
  • (80) 1" Screws
  • (60) Dowels


Optional items NOT included to Best Design a Pull-Toy:

  • Recycling Bin Components
  • Arts & Crafts Materials
  • Tape or Scissors

NOTE: Please see Build Guide for more details on required tools/items


Additional Information and Resources:


Special Notes and Considerations:


CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


NOTE:  This is an educational product, not a toy. It is intended for use by ages 7 and above with adult supervision.

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