ScienceWiz Super Crystals

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-8050
ScienceWiz Super Crystals - STEMfinity

ScienceWiz Super Crystals

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-8050
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ScienceWiz Super Crystals

Recommended Ages: 8+

Full color instruction sheet and large package of crystal.

  • Different Every Time!
  • Crystals form AS YOU WATCH - no waiting
  • Can be reheated and reused over and over again
  • Make one giant dinner plate sized starburst crystal OR
  • Seed multiple merging crystals OR
  • Vary the amount of water to make pourable sculptures OR
  • FREEZE in mid air as you pour AMAZING!!
  • Varies everytime you use it
  • Crystals can be reheated and reused dozens of times.
  • Safe for children to use

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