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ScienceWiz Rocks and Geology

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-7809

ScienceWiz Rocks and Geology

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-7809
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ScienceWiz Rocks and Geology

Recommended Ages: 8+

Includes a 56-page science book with materials.

Relate rocks to the history of the planet

It is written in the rocks!

Connect the earth crust to real rocks.

Uses exciting eruptive experiments to foster comprehension.

20 activities which include:

  • Mold and slice open a model of the earth
  • Create a lava fountain to explore density
  • Spew your own volcano
  • Make your own pyroclastic eruptions
  • Discover which rocks will float and which will burn
  • Identify, break & display volcanic rocks
  • Sediment your own sedimentary rocks
  • Acid test rocks
  • Explore metamorphic rocks
  • Form fossils

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