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ScienceWiz Moon - STEMfinity
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ScienceWiz Moon

ScienceWiz Moon

Recommended Ages: 8+

Moon includes hours of exploration:

  • Model and chart the phases of the Moon
  • Discover that moonlight is actually sunlight
  • Learn five things you never knew about Moon dust
  • Impact your own craters ¢‚¬œ learn what impact craters tell us and what unknowns await further explanations
  • Model the layers of the Moon interior
  • Eclipse a ball with a coin to understand solar and lunar eclipses ¢‚¬œ replicate the happy coincidence that gives earthlings total solar eclipses
  • Explore the far side of the Moon not visible from Earth
  • Relate tides to phases of the Moon
  • Discover the Moon origin
  • Get ready to go back to the Moon!
  • Eat astronaut food!