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ScienceWiz Heat & Temperature

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-7816

ScienceWiz Heat & Temperature

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-7816
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ScienceWiz‚ Heat & Temperature

Recommended Ages: 8+

Includes a 40-page book & materials.

Heat, temperature & the hidden universe

  • Point and measure temperature from floor to ceiling with an infrared thermometer
  • Explore changes in state and record freezing and boiling points
  • Capture your thermal thumbprint
  • Measure the rising temperature of an oozing, snaking exothermic reaction
  • Make your own heat pack
  • Expand and contract and repair with heat
  • Radiate, convect & conduct heat
  • Learn about absolute zero
  • Explore Herschel experiment with thermometers and the discovery of infrared light
  • Measure black-body radiation and prepare to stumble into the ultraviolet catastrophe

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