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ScienceWiz Energy - STEMfinity
ScienceWiz Energy - STEMfinity
  • SKU: SWZ-7805

ScienceWiz Energy

ScienceWiz Energy

Recommended Ages: 8 to 80

Includes a 48-page science book with materials.

Discover what energy is, how it is generated now and what choices await us in the future. Build a solar car and join the race to save the planet!

22 Activities, Including:

  • Build a solar racer
  • Launch a supercapacitor car
  • Make an electric car
  • Spin a flywheel generator
  • Build a battery to light an LED
  • Do a kinetic chain reaction
  • Store potential energy on your head
  • Discover how solar cells work
  • Focus the sun's energy with lenses

Requires some common household items, a 1.5 volt battery, and a 9 volt battery.

Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science wrote the following review:

Children learn about every aspect of energy and its various types (e.g. solar, magnetic), forms ( e.g. kinetic vs. potential), and uses. In addition, this kit teaches children about the choices we face in the future:


  • Where will our energy come from?
  • How can we make the best use of our resources?
  • How do we protect our environment and health?

As with the entirety of the ScienceWiz line, the kits are accompanied by a booklet written specifically for children. The writing is clear, concise and engaging, complimented strongly by clever illustrations.