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Science Action Club - Cloud Quest Kit

Science Action Club - Cloud Quest Kit


Science Action Club - Cloud Quest Kit


Science Action Club kits make it easy and fun to lead hands-on STEM in afterschool and summer programs no experience necessary. Through games, projects, and exciting investigations, youth explore nature, contribute to authentic science research, and design creative strategies to protect the planet.

With content from a world-class museum and scientific institution, each kit includes easy-to-follow activity plans, a complete set of STEM supplies, and a two-hour online, self-paced, professional development training for staff. The training provides step-by-step guidance for all 12 activities in each unit, as well as important science concepts and helpful strategies for teaching STEM in an informal learning environment.‚ 

Cloud Quest explores the impact of clouds on weather and climate. Using the GLOBE Observer citizen science platform, youth identify sky conditions and report their discoveries to NASA. Researchers map these observations against satellite image data to study how clouds influence the flow of energy through Earth atmosphere.

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Recommended Settings:

  • Summer camps
  • Afterschool programs
  • Homeschool environments


Activity Topics:

  1. Get to Know a Cloud
  2. Build a Satellite‚ 
  3. Ground Truthing
  4. A Closer Look at the Sky
  5. Connect to NASA
  6. Rocket Science‚ 
  7. Drain to Rain‚ 
  8. Measure the Wind‚ 
  9. Erupt a Volcano
  10. Fly a Kite
  11. Green Design
  12. Cloud Conclusions‚ 


Additional bonus activities and recommended resources are included in the online training.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester