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Science Action Club - Bug Safari Kit - Bilingual English-Spanish

Science Action Club - Bug Safari Kit - Bilingual English-Spanish


Science Action Club - Bug Safari Kit - Bilingual English-Spanish

Science Action Club kits make it easy and fun to lead hands-on STEM in afterschool and summer programs no experience necessary. Through games, projects, and exciting investigations, youth explore nature, contribute to authentic science research, and design creative strategies to protect the planet.

With content from a world-class museum and scientific institution, each kit includes easy-to-follow activity plans, a complete set of STEM supplies, and a two-hour online, self-paced, professional development training for staff. The training provides step-by-step guidance for all 12 activities in each unit, as well as important science concepts and helpful strategies for teaching STEM in an informal learning environment.

With Bug Safari, youth will explore small creatures with big environmental impacts. On local field expeditions, youth will search for arthropods, collect specimens, and post photographs to iNaturalista citizen science project and online social network for nature research. Tapping into the global scientific community, youth will use real tools and technology to learn the basics of bug science and what it means to be an entomologist.

Note - Materials in this kit are bilingual English and Spanish‚ 

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Recommended Settings:

  • Summer camps
  • Afterschool programs
  • Homeschool environments


Activity Topics:

  1. Field Study / Estudio de campo
  2. Observe Like a Scientist / Observación científica
  3. Engineer an Arthropod / Construye un artrópodo
  4. Tools of the Trade / Herramientas del oficio
  5. Arthropod Apartments / Apartamentos para arthrópodos
  6. Color Your Camouflage / Colorea tu camuflaje
  7. Habitat Health / Salud de los hábitats
  8. Pollination Station / Estación de polinización
  9. Indestructible Web / Telaraña indestructible
  10. Map the Habitat / Mapea el hábitat
  11. Critter Chronicles / Crónicas de insectos
  12. Food for Thought / Temas para pensar


Additional bonus activities and recommended resources are included in the online training.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester