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Science Action Club - Bird Scout Kit - REFILL KIT - STEMfinity
Science Action Club - Bird Scout Kit - REFILL KIT - STEMfinity
Science Action Club - Bird Scout Kit - REFILL KIT - STEMfinity

Science Action Club - Bird Scout Kit - REFILL KIT


Science Action Club - Bird Scout Kit - REFILL KIT

Welcome to your Science Action Club refill kit!

Created by the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Science Action Club is a nationwide STEM program for middle school youth in out-of-school time.

This refill kit contains science supplies for hands-on activities that empower youth to explore the environment and conduct active research as citizen scientists. If you require additional copies of the Bird Scouts guidebook, you can download it on the SAC Educator Portal (

Bird Scouts explores feathers, flight, and the features that make birds unique. Using tools and technology, youth identify local species and investigate environmental changes that impact bird behavior. The checklists youth submit to eBird—a citizen science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology—help scientists track changes in bird distribution and abundance across the globe.

After completing this unit, you can continue to use this kit for further learning:

  • Extend the Science Action Club experience with digital resources from the guidebook; continue to collect data and submit to eBird.
  • Replenish consumable materials and offer Bird Scouts to a new group of youth.
  • Donate this kit to a school-day teacher for use in a science classroom.


Thank you for helping to foster the next generation of scientific thinkers and environmental stewards!


Refill Kit Materials


  • 50 Bird Count stickers
  • 50 Coffee Berry tokens
  • 10 sheets Owl Pellet Dissection key
  • 10 sheets Owl Pellet bone chart
  • 10 sheets Paper Birds A
  • 10 sheets Paper Birds B
  • 10 Paper Birds tables
  • 1 Pest Busters table
  • 20 SAC certificates
  • 20 SAC stickers


  • 30 cups
  • 20 feathers
  • 5 paper straws
  • 500 popsicle sticks
  • 100 feet string


  • 2 packs crayons
  • 5 bottles glue
  • 2 sticks sidewalk chalk
  • 5 rolls tape


  • 1/2 lb black oil sunflower seeds


  • 5 pairs chopsticks
  • 1/2 cup rice
  • 20 rubber bands
  • 5 sporks

Loose Items

  • 20 Bird Scouts buttons
  • 1 tub clay
  • 1 bottle dish soap
  • 1 bottle oil
  • 10 owl pellets
  • 60 paper bags
  • 20 SAC notebooks