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Lab-Aids: Nematode Study Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-34

Lab-Aids: Nematode Study Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-34
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Lab-Aids:‚ Nematode Study Kit

This LAB-AIDS‚® kit offers students a very effective means for learning about living organisms. Students extract nematodes and explore their characteristics and structure. Sampling is easy as Nematodes can be extracted from almost any type of soil sample. Everything needed to extract nematodes is included in this kit. The Nematode Extractor (Pat. No. 3,520,421) can be used over and over again by your classes. A microscope is necessary for this activity, which requires 24 hours.
Scientific Concepts:
  • Experience and study live, harmless nematodes
  • Explore characteristics and structure of nematodes
  • Develop microscope technique

Content List:
  • 1 Teacher's Guide with MSDS
  • 10 Nematode funnels
  • 10 Nematode perforated discs
  • 10 Nematode tripod stands
  • 10 Rubber tubing
  • 10 V-Clamps
  • 10 Microscope slides
  • 10 Cover slips
  • 10 Examining dishes
  • 1 Formaldehyde solution, Drop control bottle
  • 1 Methylene blue stain, Drop control bottle
  • 1 Filter tissue, 100 count

Classroom Planning:
  • Number of students: variable (depends upon number of students per group)
  • To complete this kit requires at least part of one ~50-minute class period for set-up then, 24 hours later, another ~50-minute class period to examine the nematodes.

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