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Lab-Aids: Molecular Model Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-130

Lab-Aids: Molecular Model Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-130
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Lab-Aids: Molecular Model Kit

Colorful, easy-to-assemble models help students visualize the construction of different molecules. Top quality reusable components mean that comparison models can be made simultaneously, then disassembled to make other models. Introductory classroom kit includes twelve packets of color-coded molecular model components.

Scientific Concepts:

  • Understand how elements combine to form compounds
  • Construct molecular structures
  • Demonstrate chemical bonding between atoms

Content List:

  • 1 Teacher's Guide
  • 36 Student Worksheets and Guides
  • 12 Packages containing: 2 Carbon tetrahedral centers (black), 6 Chlorine tetrahedral centers (green), 16 Covalent electron bonds, 1 Electron bond, 8 Hydrogen single electron atoms (white), 2 Nitrogen tetrahedral centers (red), 4 Oxygen tetrahedral centers (blue), 1 Sulfur tetrahedral centers (yellow)

Classroom Planning:
  • To complete this kit requires two ~50-minute class periods
  • Number of students: 36

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