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Products Lab-Aids: Making and Modeling Polymers Kit - STEMfinity
  • SKU: LAB-706S

Products Lab-Aids: Making and Modeling Polymers Kit


Lab-Aids: Making and Modeling Polymers Kit

Every day, students use numerous products made of plastic. This kit introduces the structures and properties of the polymer molecules that make up all plastics. Students first investigate the properties of a linear polymer found in white glue, and then add a cross-linker to explore the properties of the resulting cross-linked polymer. They then use paper clip models to investigate the molecular structures of monomers, polymers, and cross-linked polymers, and explore how their structural differences alter the properties of the molecules. Developed by SEPUP.
Content List:
  • 2 120-mL bottles of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)
  • 2 30-mL bottles of 4% sodium borate solution
  • 1 15-mL bottle of blue food coloring
  • 16 3.25-oz. clear plastic cups
  • 16 stir sticks
  • 32 graduated cups
  • 384 paper clips (all the same size)
  • 48 colored paper clips
  • 8 60-mL wide-mouth bottles
  • 32 Student Worksheet and Guide
  • 32 Data Charts: Some Common Plastics and Synthetic Fibers
  • 1 Teacher's Guide

Classroom Planning:
  • 32 students
  • To complete this kit requires one to two ~50-minute class periods.