Lab-Aids: Magnetic Fields and Forces Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-217
Lab-Aids: Magnetic Fields and Forces Kit - STEMfinity

Lab-Aids: Magnetic Fields and Forces Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-217
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Lab-Aids: Magnetic Fields and Forces Kit

In these two activities students explore magnets and magnetic fields, particularly Earth's magnetic field. The first activity provides students with a hands-on experience that allows them to develop operational definitions of magnets, magnetic poles, and magnetic fields. They continue their exploration of magnetism by examining the effects of Earth's magnetic field as evidenced by the existence of naturally magnetic rocks and the behavior of navigational compasses.

Scientific Concepts:

  • Objects change their motion only when a net force is applied.
  • The solid earth is layered with a lithosphere; hot convecting mantle; and dense, metallic core
  • Moving electric charges produce magnetic force fields.

Content List:

  • 1 Teacher's Guide
  • 28 Student Worksheet and Guides
  • 200 iron washers
  • 12 bar magnets
  • 6 magnetic field visualizers
  • 6 navigational compasses
  • 6 iron nails
  • 6 lodestone rocks
  • 6 30-mL cups
  • 6 15-cm rulers
  • 1 Transparency 1: Magnetic Fields
  • 1 Transparency 2: Earth's Magnetic Field

Classroom Planning:
  • To complete the two activities in this kit will require two to three ~55 minute periods.
  • Number of students: 24 

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