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Lab-Aids: Chemplates® Pack of 10

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-800

Lab-Aids: Chemplates® Pack of 10

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-800
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Lab-Aids: Chemplates® Pack of 10

The Lab-Aid® Chemplate® (Pat. No. 3,692,498) is a clear plastic tray about the size of an index card. It has changed thousands of science teachers™ ideas of how to conduct labs. Using the inexpensive Chemplate® eliminates the need for glassware and provides a semi-micro environment for conducting many experiments. Molded into the high impact transparent plastic tray are 12 large numbered cavities, an additional jumbo-sized cavity plus a snap-off cap and snap-off measuring spatula. 

This kit includes 10 versatile Chemplate® useable in many ways: 

  • A rack of numbered (1-12) "test tubes" 
  • A gas generator 
  • A reservoir for water 
  • A safe and economical means for students to conduct experiments individually 
  • A demonstration vessel which can be used on an overhead projector

Tubes for the gas-collecting caps can be purchased separately as item LAB-800-GT.

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