KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License
KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License

KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License


KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License

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KUBO Blended Learning Classroom - 1-Year License

  • Grades: K-5
  • Number of Students: 1-3 students per robot + 35 digital seats
  • Number of Activities: 
    • Physical Robots: 16 activities
    • Digital Platform: 100+ tasks & 3 play modes



Blended Learning: STEM Robots

Discover how blended learning creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment by combining a classroom educator-student setting with the flexibility of online learning.


What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a mix of learning methods that incorporate traditional face-to-face learning and eLearning.

Hands-on coding robots help students understand the fundamentals of coding, logical thinking, problem-solving, and computational thinking by allowing them to execute coded instructions and see the outcomes in real-time. They foster collaborative learning and communication.

eLearning offers a personalized 1:1 learning experience for each student ensuring each student’s learning milestones and goals are met. 


A New Approach

KUBO Blended Learning – the best of both worlds! Through a combination of KUBO's existing hands-on and digital coding solutions, they introduce the best way to ensure inclusion, increased learning outcomes, and better student insights for coding education in K-5. A blended learning solution combining the best from their existing hands-on coding solution with the opportunity to engage children at home using the brand new simulation tool KUBO Play.

KUBO Play consists of more than 100 tasks covering all ISTE coding related curriculum requirements for K-5.


Caters to All Elementary Age Groups

The KUBO solution caters to all abilities and elementary age groups, regardless of their starting point. With this coding solution, your students will be introduced to the basic coding concepts: Routes, Functions, Loops, and Subroutines.


For Educators

Blended Learning enables educators to enhance their teaching and create more interactive learning environments for their students.

By integrating personalized online activities alongside classroom activities, educators can efficiently monitor each student’s progress and help them meet their learning goals. folowing a standards-aligned curriculum.


For Students

Blended Learning provides various benefits for students, including greater flexibility, personalization, and engagement. 

By combining classroom coding lessons with online learning activities, students can practice their collaboration and teamwork skills at school, while they also have the opportunity to work at their own pace and access course materials from anywhere—even from home.

Get the KUBO Blended Learning Experience Now

The KUBO Blended Learning Classroom bundle is a yearly license-based solution. Get access to the latest technology without ever needing ownership.

Enjoy the benefits of a blended learning environment without stress. You get a lifetime service and full warranty on the physical Robot and TagTiles, ongoing technical support, and teacher training.

Flexible solution that fits the ever-changing need of your Classroom, School, or MegaLab.


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

Hands-On KUBO:

KUBO's unique TagTile® programming language is based on a puzzle-like concept and follows simple and logical steps. Each TagTile® represents a command that KUBO reads and executes. A combination of TagTiles® creates an algorithm that tells KUBO how to solve a task.

Using KUBO in class is like putting together a puzzle.

From kindergarten to grade 5, every child can learn how to code with KUBO. The coding curriculum and activities are flexible and can be aligned to the age and skill level of your students.


KUBO Play:

Three Ways to Learn With KUBO Play

Free Play

  • Free Play Mode is designed to help educators teach coding concepts and let students proactice their new skills by creating their own code and stories.

Practice Mode

  • Practice Mode offers a personalized learning journey for each student, at their own pace. Levels progress from easy to advanced to experienced.

Story Mode

  • Story Mode takes the students on adventures in the KUBO universe. Students solve coding challenges together with KUBO and friends.

Standards Alignment:

KUBO’s standards-aligned curriculum is designed to make teaching and learning coding easy for you and your students. The lesson plans are aligned with US National & States Standards to ensure a high-quality education.


What's Included:

The KUBO Blended Learning Classroom Bundle Includes:

  • 12 KUBO Coding Starter Kits
  • 12 x Robots
  • 12 x Activity Maps
  • 12 x 46 TagTiles®

KUBO Play access 

  • 35 x virtual robots*
  • 1 Teacher and 35 students access
  • Classroom management

*The tablet shown in the product images is not included in the KUBO Classroom Bundle.
KUBO Portal access

  • Standards-Aligned Curriculum For K-5
  • Cross-Curricular STEM Activities
  • Professional Development Resources


    Special Notes or Considerations:

    PLEASE NOTE:  All physical robots included in this kit are purchased as part of the license, and must be returned if you cancel your license or if your license term comes to an end without a renewal. You DO NOT own the KUBO robots with the purchase of this license. All robots are under warranty for the duration of your license.

    PLEASE NOTE: The KUBO Coding+, KUBO Coding++, and KUBO Math add-ons can be added to this license upon request. Additional license years can also be purchased upon request. Please click here to request a quote for your custom KUBO solution.

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