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Kemtec Science: Let's Build Electromagnets Classpack - STEMfinity
  • SKU: KEM-15-205

Kemtec Science: Let's Build Electromagnets Classpack


Kemtec Science: Let's Build Electromagnets Classpack

  • Target Grades: 3-5
  • Number of Students: 24 students working in six groups of four

Introduce the Engineering Design Process for problem solving as you explore electricity and magnetism in this electromagnet building exercise. Students examine magnetic field, electrical charge, and the effects of increasing the current on the generation of heat as they compare core materials, core thickness, and number of wraps in coils in these inquiry based investigations. Four engaging activities culminate with teams applying what they learn in a design the strongest electromagnet competition. Includes an extensive instructor manual with lesson plans, background information, reproducible stepwise student instructions, worksheets, complete answer keys, and all materials required for investigation. Available as a single kit (KEM-15-201) for a small group or a class pack (KEM-15-205).

Kit Contains:

  • Instructor Manual
  • Reproducible Student Data Sheets
  • Dowel Rod
  • Alligator Clip Leads
  • 6V Lantern Battery
  • Wire Strippers
  • Magnet Wire
  • Masking tape
  • Paper Clips
  • Steel Washers
  • Steel Nails
  • Sandpaper
  • Steel Bolts
  • Weigh Dish