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Kemtec Science: Dichotomous Keys

Kemtec Science SKU: KEM-1-178

Kemtec Science: Dichotomous Keys

Kemtec Science SKU: KEM-1-178
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Kemtec Science: Dichotomous Keys

  • Target Grades: 5-8
  • Number of Students: 24 students working in six groups of four

Dichotomous keys are used to help classify and identify various objects. With this kit, you will guide students through the process of using keys with several real-world examples, just like scientists! This kit includes seven different activities, ranging from easy to challenging, basic to scientific. The culminating activities include Constructing a Tree Key to Your Own School and Using a Dichotomous Key to Identify Seashells. These activities include classification of real shells and real trees using their scientific names.

Kit Contains:

  • Instructor Manual
  • Boook, Tree Finder
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Rulers
  • String
  • Seashells

Required, But Not Included:

  • Colored Pencils or Crayons

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