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Kemtec Science: AP Chemistry Series 16-130B

Kemtec Science SKU: KEM-16-130B

Kemtec Science: AP Chemistry Series 16-130B

Kemtec Science SKU: KEM-16-130B
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Kemtec Science: AP Chemistry Series 16-130B

  • Target Grades: 10 - 14
  • Number of Students: 24 students working in groups of 2

The Kemtec AP® Chemistry Series includes 16 labs designed to meet the essential laboratory requirements of an AP Chemistry course. As a series, these labs address the 2013 Essential Knowledge, Science Practices, and Learning Objectives established by the AP College Board. Six labs incorporate specific Inquiry components and all labs contain instructions for optional inquiry adaptations. For planning purposes, each manual contains a complete breakdown of the AP Framework correlations for each of the 16 lab experiments. Kit 16-130B includes kit 16-101B, which contains the glassware and supplies necessary to support the Statistics - Precision and Accuracy Lab.


  • 16-101B‚ Statistics: Precision and Accuracy with Glassware
  • 16-102‚ Spectrophotometric Analysis of Copper: Beer Law
  • 16-103‚ Synthesis and Gravimetric Analysis of Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate
  • 16-104‚ Acid-Base Titrations: An Inquiry Investigation
  • 16-105‚ Separating Substances by Adsorption Chromatography
  • 16-106‚ Stoichiometry: Reactions with Copper Compounds
  • 16-107‚ Stoichiometry: Mole Ratio of an Unknown
  • 16-108‚ Using Colligative Properties to Determine the Molar Mass of an Unknown
  • 16-109‚ Determining Molar Mass Using the Ideal Gas Equation
  • 16-110‚ Reaction Rate and Order
  • 16-112‚ Determining Molar Enthalpy Using Hess Law
  • 16-113‚ Le Chatelier Principle
  • 16-114‚ Identifying Weak Acids by pKa
  • 16-116‚ Preparing Buffer Solutions and Determining Their Properties
  • 16-117‚ Determining the Equilibrium Constant (and Temperature Effect) with Beer Law
  • 16-121‚ Electrochemical Cells - Voltaic and Electrolytic

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