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Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit

Horizon Educational SKU: HFC-FCJJ-35

Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit

Horizon Educational SKU: HFC-FCJJ-35
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Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit

The Super Capacitor Science Kit introduces students to the extraordinary storage and power potential of the super capacitor. Create energy from the hand crank and monitor energy storage with a charge level indicator. Then demonstrate the energy density and power of the capacitor by running a small fan module. With super capacitors an integral part of the automotive revolution currently changing the way we think about transport, this is the ideal kit to explore the principles of high density energy storage.

  • Features hand crank, super capacitor, charge level indicator and load
  • Super capacitor can be charged by hand crank, then used to power load
  • Level indicator shows charge level of the supercapacitor
  • Comes with CD, experiments and curriculum



All Horizon STEM materials are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Energy Literacy Framework. Subject areas include Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences for middle and high school grades. Go to Horizon Curriculum to find out more.

Includes Experiment Outlines for:
  • Hand crank energy generation
  • Super capacitor energy storage
  • Powering a fan with electrical energy from the super capacitor
  • Powering a fan with mechanical energy from the hand crank
Includes Full STEM Activity Materials for:
  • Generating electricity with a hand crank
  • Storing electricity in a super capacitor
  • Powering different objects with a super capacitor
  • Determining efficiency

Kit Includes:

  • Hand crank generator
  • Potentiometer
  • Super capacitor
  • Fan module
  • Fan blade
  • Capacitor base
  • Capacitor support
  • Wires
  • Renewable Energy Curriculum CD



To avoid the risk of property damage, serious injury or death: This kit should only be used by persons 14 years old and up, and only under the supervision of adults who have familiarized themselves with the safety measures described in the kit. Keep small children and animals away, as it contains small parts that could be swallowed. Read the instructions before use and have them ready for reference.

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