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eceSTEM Matter Kit - STEMfinity
eceSTEM Matter Kit - STEMfinity
  • SKU: ECE-MTR01

eceSTEM Matter Kit

eceSTEM Matter Kit


  • Recommended Grades:‚ K-3
  • Number of Students: 24 working in six groups of four
  • Hours of Lessons/Activities:‚ 13+

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Major Concepts & Big Ideas:


  1. How can we make a heterogeneous mixture?
  2. What is a solute? What is a solvent? What happens when we mix them together?
  3. What is the "perfect" bubble solution?
  4. How do we separate the parts of a mixture?
  5. How do crystals grow? In what types of solutions do they grow best?
  6. How can mixture separation help clean up the environment?

Standards Alignment:

Included Materials:


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