Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle
Cricut Campus Bundle

Cricut Campus Bundle


Cricut Campus Bundle

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Cricut Campus Bundle

  • Grades: Intended for Ages 18+
  • Number of Students: Individual or rotating group use
  • Contact Hours: 250-300+ Projects
  • Additional Resources: Cricut Design Space App



Inspire learning, promote creative expression, and build community at your school with Cricut. A special package for your entire campus featuring Cricut’s most versatile cutting machines, heat presses, and project-making materials. The Cricut Campus Bundle includes:

Cricut Venture with Stand + Materials

The Cricut Venture is the most powerful “design and make” cutting machine that cuts and writes at commercial speed. The 45-degree space-saving design of the machine adds to any makerspace to create accurate patterns and precise cuts, cut a wide range of 100+ materials and promote design and collaboration. The Cricut Venture bundle comes with a docking stand that can be easily rolled and stored in any location or storage. Teach STEM projects and skills like design, software, cutting and fabrication in any media centers and makerspaces with the Cricut Venture.

Cricut Maker 3 + Tools & Accessories

The Cricut Maker 3 writes, draws, scores, and cuts over 300 different project-making materials. Bundled with additional tools and accessories, this workhorse machine is the ideal solution for makerspaces and other community-accessible areas such as libraries, faculty lounges, and administrative offices.

2x Cricut Joy + Materials

The Cricut Joy is the perfect companion for K12 classroom educators. The Cricut Campus Bundle includes two compact-sized Cricut Joy machines along with additional label-making materials that let teachers create inspirational learning spaces, promote a sense of student belonging, and produce memorable & effective learning aides.

Cricut Autopress + Iron-On Materials

The Cricut Autopress is the perfect pro-grade heat press for school use. With its zero-effort operation and its school-friendly safety features, the Cricut Autopress™ is the ideal tool for personalizing fabrics such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote-bags, and more! The Cricut Campus bundle includes the Cricut Autopress plus additional Cricut Iron-on Materials

Cricut Mug Press + Infusible Ink Materials

Everyone loves coffee mugs! With the Cricut Mug Press, your school community can make vibrant professional-quality, dishwasher safe mugs. With no manual temperature or pressure settings, it's safe and fun to add your school’s name, logo, mascot, or other personal expressions to create mugs that everyone will cherish.

What’s Included:

The Cricut Campus Bundle includes the following:

Cricut Venture with Stand + Materials Cricut Venture

  • Cricut Venture with Docking Stand
  • Automatic Cutoff Blade
  • 3x Cardstock (50ct and 10ct)
  • Permanent Markers (6ct)
  • StandardGrip Performance Machine Mat
  • 9x Smart Vinyl (5ft)

Cricut Maker 3 + Tools & Accessories

  • Cricut Maker 3
  • Transfer Tape
  • 2x Smart Vinyl (21ft)
  • Essential Tool Set
  • 4x Smart Sticker Cardstock
  • Fine-point Pens (2ct)
  • Fine-point replacement blades (2ct)
  • Deep-point Blade + Housing
  • StandardGrip Cutting Mat (12x24)

Cricut Joy + Materials

  • 2x Cricut Joy Machines
  • 2x Replacement Blade
  • 2x StandardGrip Mat
  • 2x Starter Tool Set
  • 2x 30ct Fine-point Pens
  • 2x Transfer Tape
  • 6x Cricut Joy Smart Writable Vinyl

Cricut Autopress + Iron-On Materials

  • Cricut Autopress
  • 5x Smart Iron-On (9ft and 3ft)

Cricut Mug Press + Infusible Ink Materials

  • Cricut Mug Press
  • 36ct Ceramic Mug Blank, White (15oz)
  • Strong Heat Resistant Tape
  • 2x Infusible Ink Markers 5ct (Black and Neons)
  • 5x Infusible Ink Sheets


    Special Notes & Considerations:

    All Cricut bundles are customizable. Do you need more cardstock or cardstock in different colors? We can make it happen! Please contact to get a quote for your custom Cricut bundle. 

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