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Crazy Circuits Sewing Starter Kit - STEMfinity
  • SKU: BDG-K1019

Crazy Circuits Sewing Starter Kit

$41.99 $50.00

Crazy Circuits Sewing Starter Kit

  • Grades: 5+


Explore the world of electronics sewing and wearable technology with the Crazy Circuits Sewing Starter Kit. Use pre-programmed Blink/Fade Board to give your lights effects and patterns. Crazy Circuits parts are compatible with LEGO and similar brick building systems. Crazy Circuits parts come 100% ready to go out of the box, which means no soldering or preparation required. This kit covers topics such as circuitry, programming, logic, design, sewable technology, art, and design.



  • Crazy Circuits Chips
  • Blink/Fade Board
  • Standard Pushbutton
  • Coin Cell Battery Holder
  • Five Jumbo 10mm LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White)
  • Starter Sewing Supply Kit
  • Two Pieces of Felt
  • Two Bobbins of Conductive Thread - 16 feet
  • Five CR2032 Batteries
  • Plastic Organizer