BOSON Coding Starter Kit
BOSON Coding Starter Kit
BOSON Coding Starter Kit

BOSON Coding Starter Kit


BOSON Coding Starter Kit

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 BOSON Coding Starter Kit


This kit includes 15 well selected modules, by which, students can create 3 non-programming projects and 12 programming projects. They can directly use Boson’s logic modules to build up projects without coding, or program other modules to realize more intelligent and complicated ideas. Meanwhile, they can learn something about algorithms & programming.


  • 3 Logic modules, 12 other modules with functions of sound, human detecting
  • Contents: Algorithm & Programming
  • Help students transition from coding theory study to graphical programming practice


    Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

    Coding Start Kit Tutorial is a micro:bit-based programming course designed for kids in early primary school. It aims to introduce the basics of electronics and programming to students. The 13 coding-free BOSON modules used in the course allow students to transit from physical programming to real coding learning, laying the foundation of electronic basics for future study and enhancing their understanding of conditional statement and logic calculation. PBL teaching method is mainly used in the course. Students will learn by working together to build projects like automatic doors, speed adjustable fans, etc., by which to improve their problem-solving ability.


    Non-programming Project List

    • Project 1: The Clever LED
    • Project 2: DIY Fan
    • Project 3: Complex Control


    Programming Project List


    What's Included:

    • (1) micro:bit V2
    • (1) Boson micro:bit Mainboard
    • (1) Red LED Module
    • (1) Fan Module
    • (1) Rotation Sensor
    • (1) Voice Recorder
    • (1) Boson: 9g Metal Gear Micro Servo
    • (1) WS2812 RGB Full Color
    • (1) Red Push Button
    • (1) Motion Sensor
    • (1) Logic Module - NOT
    • (1) Logic Module - AND
    • (1) Logic Module - OR
    • (1) Mainboard-1IO(Red)
    • (1) Sound Sensor
    • (1) 3xAAA Battery Holder
    • (1) Quick start Guide
    • (7) micro:bit Programming Project Cards
    • (5) Non-programming Project Cards
    • (1) Boson Micro USB Cable
    • (15) 10cm Sensor Cable
    • (5) 5cm Sensor Cable

    Additional Information and Resources: 


    Technology Requirements/Specifications:

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