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CoderZ Adventure - School License - STEMfinity

CoderZ Adventure - School License


CoderZ Adventure - School License

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CoderZ Adventure - School License

*For Customers outside the United States, the number of students is up to 240


This product is subscription based. Please contact sales@stemfinity for information on the 3-year subscription version of this product.

CoderZ Adventure is a fun way for elementary school students to understand robotics and coding!

The CoderZ Adventure Course will empower teachers to teach their students the basics of coding and robotics, an exciting interdisciplinary STEM field. The course is powered by CoderZ Online Robotics Learning Environment which provides online simulation, a visual code editor, embedded content, class management and more. No prior knowledge needed!

CoderZ Adventure introduces your students to the fascinating world of STEM and robotics through an exciting journey and adventures in CoderZ world. Students will learn how to program a virtual robot to navigate in CoderZ Frozen Island, the Lost City, Candy Town, and other exciting locations while practicing basic math, geometry, and more.

The virtual robot used throughout the Adventure Course is the LEGO‚® Education SPIKE Prime robot. If you already have a SPIKE Prime, this is course will be perfect for virtually utilizing and teaching the educational concepts that go along with the SPIKE Prime. For more information on the‚ SPIKE Prime Set please click here. For the CoderZ Adventure With LEGO‚® Education SPIKE Prime Bundle please click here.

To complete the course, teachers should allocate 10 hours. This may vary depending on students' coding experience and the amount of time they may invest at home.

Subscription/Course Features:

  • 1 Year Subscription
  • Coding and robotics course for elementary school students in grades two through five
  • 10 hours of curriculum, activities and assignments
  • Over 50 gamified missions with easy to follow walk throughs and tips
  • Teacher resources including guides and solutions
  • An online knowledge base with 100+ articles

Course Resources Include:
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Mission Solutions
  • Heat maps and Student Reports
  • Course Progress Control

Course Outline and Learning Objectives
Session 1 - Let Start our Journey!
  • In this adventure, we'll take you step by step in CoderZ world and explore the exciting world of STEM.
Session 2 - The Basics of Arithmetic
  • Addition, subtraction, and division will make your journey in CoderZ's Frozen Island much warmer.
Session 3 - The Lost City
  • You won't get lost while using the Explore Mode feature, by measuring distance and practicing wait block and repeat loops you'll find your way to the next adventure.
Session 4 - Let's Practice Basic Geometry
  • Using angles and parallel lines, travel through the Crystal Crater world while practicing repeat loops.
Session 5 - Candy Town - The Journey's Getting Sweeter
  • In this adventure, students will practice more geometry: the concept of a radius in a circle. Practicing Repeat Loops.
Session 6 - Sketch It!
  • Time to get creative and practice! Let see your art skills while using all the topics learned up to this adventure: driving distance, angles, radii, etc.
Session 7 - Milky Way - Our Last Exciting Adventure
  • Here we'll use the Explore Mode to measure angles and radii. Planning the optimal route to complete a mission as quickly and efficiently as possible, given a time limit.

System Requirements: Please click here.

Please contact for the following:
  • To get info/pricing for the 3-year license version of this product
  • To get info/pricing for the 1 and 3-year CoderZ 4 Course School Bundle, which contains all 4 CoderZ Courses (Adventure, Cyber Robotics 101, Cyber Robotics 102 & Python GYM) at significantly reduced pricing.‚ 
  • To get info/pricing for additional student seats for customers that have already purchased a CoderZ Course.

**Please Note**: a Teacher/User email address will be required to send all of the CoderZ Content to after purchase. Please include an appropriate email address in your order notes when checking out. If you are placing an order using a purchase order, please include an appropriate email somewhere on your purchase order. If no email address is provided, one of our sales reps will reach out to you to get one before processing your order.

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