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NAO Transport Case For Humanoid STEM Academic Robot

SoftBank Robotics SKU: ALD-NAOCASE

NAO Transport Case For Humanoid STEM Academic Robot

SoftBank Robotics SKU: ALD-NAOCASE
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Carrying / transport case for NAO humanoid robot for a safe and easy transportation, and protection when not in use. A Durable plastic case with wheels and a handle, allows you to carry and store your NAO safely.

Note: Accepts the styrene packaging inserts supplied with the NAO robot, starting from NAO V4, the case doesn't come with the foam as shown in the picture.

NAO Product Family Description

NAO is the most widely-used humanoid robot in the world for Research and Education. RobotsLAB brings NAO, the cutting-edge robotics technology; to all academic institution and companies interested in doing research with a robot, or teaching STEM related topics.

NAO is state-of-the-art robotics technology and works straight out of the box. The latest version - NAO NextGen provides better computing power, and more capability to help teachers to engage students in STEM programs such as Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering. NAO offers a multi-platform and multi-level programming environment that allows users to create any kind of behaviors by using the features of the platform. The curriculum that RobotsLAB has developed enables teachers to begin teaching any STEM related topic right away with NAO.

Beginners can use Choregraphe, a user-friendly behavior editor. An easy drag-and-drop method allows users to simply pick-up boxes of pre-programmed behaviors and to create complete sequences of behaviors. They can also program their own behavior in Python language, and then save it into the library. NAOSim 3D simulator is interfaced with Choregraphe to let users test NAO„¢s behavior in a virtual environment. Users can modify the environment, insert and edit objects and simulate NAO's behaviors before sending command to the real robot.

Advanced users can program NAO in C++ and .Net languages and directly access to NAOqi (NAO framework) APIs. The APIs give the user low level access to NAO's sensors and actuators. Users can also program NAO with other software including: Webots, MATLAB and Microsoft Robotics Studio.

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