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Roamer Primary

Valiant Technology SKU: VAL-1520-403

Roamer Primary

Valiant Technology SKU: VAL-1520-403
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Roamer Primary

Early Years Roamer Grades PreK-K VA-1520-401
K1/K2 Roamer
Grades K-2 VA-1520-402
Primary Roamer Grades 2-5 VA-1520-403
Junior Roamer Grades 4-8 VA-1520-202


The Primary Roamer is the next structured step in developing the Logo language. Procedures are introduced, as well as programmable input and output lines. Speed, volume and strength are all variable which, with the user defined keys, means that this little robot is incredibly flexible.

What Can Roamer Do?

Roamer is an educational robot that you can use to help students learn. It can help early learners with basics like reading, spelling and arithmetic or help adolescents appreciate the size of the solar system, learn a foreign language or grasp the concepts of calculus or algebra. It helps struggling students or challenges the gifted and talented. It is particularly good in SEN.





One feature that helps create exciting new microworlds is the ability for the robot to speak. For example, instead of students learning how to program the robot, they explore it. When they press buttons it guides them to an understanding of how to make it work. The Roamer can ask questions, give answers, set challenges, provide information relevant to tasks, respond to students actions, give tips and hints, or it simply tells you its tired and needs its batteries recharging. Roamer has two modes of speech: the first of these is Soap Box where the robot stays still and speaks (this includes playing music). The second mode is Walk and Talk. In this mode Roamer can move, turn and execute other commands while it plays the audio file (speaking, sound effects or music).


The new Roamer goes much faster or slower. You can program the robot to travel at different speeds at different times. Again, this offers more scope for activities.


Roamer is not a toy. Valiant Technology has been making educational robots longer than anyone else in the World. They have put their 25 years of experience into ensuring this robot survives the rigours of regular classroom use.


The new Roamer continues the tradition of Classic Roamer: it does not have a character. It is not a bee or a bus. What Roamer is depends on the student„¢s imagination. The shape of the robot provides an amorphous sculptural backdrop for their creativity. The shape has an elongated section, which emphasises the angle of turn. This also provides the robot with a direction. Whether it„¢s anose or atail depends on the character design.

Dressing Up Kits

Who said robots had to be mechanical, hard things? You can make soft furry robots. We will sell some basic fabric covers for Roamer. But you can also buy patterns and make your own things from different fabrics.This system allows you to tack on decorations or have removable parts fixed with Velcro.

*Contact us for educational pricing ($239.99): or (800) 985-7836

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